Dominick Sivilli was born and raised in Astoria, Queens New York. Since the age of five he has been drawing and has taken his inspiration from his hand to the lens. New York shaped his personality and style: a soft core inside a hard shell. 

      There is one word Dominick always keeps in mind while working on set: CINEMATIC. He is based in New York & Los Angeles. He has worked on feature films, commercials and music videos since 2006. Recent feature credits include THE SADIST starring genre icon Tom Savini and Bryan Enk’s gritty werewolf movie THE BIG BAD. Other DP credits include the sci-fi epic HALO: HELLJUMPER, OUT AT HOME, GALLERY OF FEAR, PERFIDIA, CRESTFALLEN, PSYCHO STREET, CONTACT, SOMETHING JUST, and TASTE OF HONEY.  

     Dominick loves new challenges and can take on any genre. He got his start in horror films, and Fangoria praised “Sivilli’s moody lighting, which creates a foreboding, creepy atmosphere.” Horror Review wrote, “Actions speak louder than words—and the brilliant cinematography and editing of a promising young force in the film business, Dominick Sivilli, make CONTACT the sharp film that it is.”